Rally for Survivors of Sexual Violence

A woman in a hat at a protest holding a sign that says "END RAPE CULTURE" with other protesters walking around behind her

Join us: https://www.facebook.com/events/731563057020866/

Come to a rally before the UMN Greek Life event Walk-A-Mile. We aim to show the ineffectiveness of Greek Life’s actions. Outwardly directed philanthropy and vague awareness-raising will not change an internal problem, nor is one event enough to stop rape culture. Greek Life needs complete cultural transformation –at the very, very least policy change and increased bystander intervention– or complete dissolution.

**We will not tolerate organizations that openly foster sexual violence on our campus.**

The rally will be held on West Bank of the UMN campus, just outside of Anderson Hall. We will announce speakers shortly. If you are a survivor who has been impacted by Greek Life and would like to share some words at the rally or anonymously, shoot us a message. Please wear red to differentiate yourself from Greek Life members. Hope to see you there!

We believe survivors and we will continue to act until sexual violence ceases to exist.

*Photo by Chase Carter https://www.flickr.com/photos/chasecarter/

Join us: https://www.facebook.com/events/731563057020866/


Claeys, We Haven’t Forgotten

Coach Claeys looking uneasy with three reporter microphones pointed at him.

Hold former Gopher Football coach, Tracy Claeys, accountable for his promise in donating $50,000 to victim-survivors of sexual violence. We demand he donates this money to the Aurora Center at the University of Minnesota. As of today, he has yet to follow through with his promise. His lack of action 1) contributes to the acts of betrayal that survivors continuously experience, 2) illustrates his lack of commitment to being an active ally to sexual violence victim-survivors, 3) provides evidence which reinforces that people in positions of power only speak out for PR.

We haven’t forgotten Claeys.


Activism and Self Care


We would like to address a comment we received:

“What about the triggering graffiti that is tagging commonly used sidewalks all over Dinky? The inflammatory accusatory triggers in black paint that are on every corner on my way home from school, Target, or the bars?”

We cannot take credit for the graffiti around Dinkytown and UMN campus that reads “Frat Boys Stop Raping People.” Individuals took action on their own, not as representatives of Danger Collective. We think it’s rad and support people taking autonomous action around this issue.

As many of us are survivors ourselves, we also want to recognize that this graffiti can be triggering for many survivors – this work is difficult for us too. We believe that bringing any abhorrent issue to the light can be upsetting and can cause people to think of their most horrible memories, and we know that these issues cannot remain shrouded in silence. This publicness and community acknowledgment is part of the healing process for many of us survivors, and we are committed to it.

Here are some resources for survivors that are struggling. We hear you and we’re fighting for a better world.
The Aurora Center-
24 Hour Help Line: 612-626-9111

The Sexual Violence Center-
24 Hour Crisis Line: 612-871-5111 or 952-448-5425

Hey, Alex Jensen

Alex Jensen as someone took his picture after seeing him take down posters. He is walking along the Mall area, he hasn't realized yet that his picture was taken.

You thought it would be cute to tear down our signs protesting rape culture? Fuck you. You are the problem. How much are your frat bros at Alpha Sigma Phi gonna let you get away with?

We are survivors. We will fight to protect each other from creeps like you. We will not be silenced.