Survivor Speakout

Text saying "End Sexual Violence"

A few survivors have been looking for an uncensored semi-public space at UMN to speak about our experiences searching for justice and creating a world without sexual violence, and we’ve yet to find it. So we’re creating it.

Bring your rage. Bring your tears and screams. Bring your swears and laughs. Bring your analysis and your confusion. Bring your hope(less/full)ness.

This space will hold you and support you.

We’d like to prioritize specific voices in this space. The voices of American Indian and Indigenous survivors, whose land we occupy, and who continually experience the violence of colonization, especially through sexual violence. As well as Black folks, other people of color and LGBTQIA+ and two-spirit people, and those who live at an intersection of those identities.

If you would like to perform a piece or prepare something special to say, please contact us at Otherwise, we will leave ample time for an open mic.

We will be asking for donations to cover the cost of the space $225, any excess funds raised will be given to the Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition.

Please share with your friends, and expect more information to follow~

Love and Solidarity,

– Danger Collective


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