Activism and Self Care


We would like to address a comment we received:

“What about the triggering graffiti that is tagging commonly used sidewalks all over Dinky? The inflammatory accusatory triggers in black paint that are on every corner on my way home from school, Target, or the bars?”

We cannot take credit for the graffiti around Dinkytown and UMN campus that reads “Frat Boys Stop Raping People.” Individuals took action on their own, not as representatives of Danger Collective. We think it’s rad and support people taking autonomous action around this issue.

As many of us are survivors ourselves, we also want to recognize that this graffiti can be triggering for many survivors – this work is difficult for us too. We believe that bringing any abhorrent issue to the light can be upsetting and can cause people to think of their most horrible memories, and we know that these issues cannot remain shrouded in silence. This publicness and community acknowledgment is part of the healing process for many of us survivors, and we are committed to it.

Here are some resources for survivors that are struggling. We hear you and we’re fighting for a better world.
The Aurora Center-
24 Hour Help Line: 612-626-9111

The Sexual Violence Center-
24 Hour Crisis Line: 612-871-5111 or 952-448-5425


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